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Extradimensional Intoxication
(Extradimensional Ayvee)

Another episode of contaminated extradimensional rollers. This time the structure is intro-power-break-main (orsmag). Dedicated to all folks having unexplained moodswings.

Extradimensional slayers in neighbouring point of higher dimension are dripping victims in our point. Victim is doing job. He get spiked, then carries on his business with more effort for the same effect. Victim is charged with tax for spice as it is said that due to it he does his business.

Harmonized tritone melody and chords, Essential Percussion snare drum, Remo heads, Paiste 20" crash and 16" hihat, tambourine, maracas, Zoom H1, Roland CS-10EM binaural headphones and Eltax Concept 180 speakers for binaural reproduction of mono sounds, FLStudio, Renoise, Massive, Absynth, FM8, Reaktor, Sytrus, Glue Reeds, Boo Bass, Maximus, FL Wave Shaper, FL Convolver, Patcher, tons of FLStudio Parametric Equalizers, 3xOSC, vinyl noise, AAS String Studio, AMOS Pro SAY command and sound generating routines for laser sounds, Sendrella, Glace Verb, Ozone. 64 of 64 unique patterns. Sequenced in Renoise, sound design, cepstrum and mastering in FLStudio.

Extradimensional Intoxication
(Smegma Bitch Up Change My Pitch Up Version)

Pitchupped version of my track - Extradimensional Intoxication.

Timespace Bamboozle (Direction t Minus)

In 1926 John Misth had been attacked and beaten out of the blue by group of teenage bandits. He spent 19 years wondering what was that suppose to mean and why was it. In 1945 he voted for racial equity. In front of polling station he was asked about his choice by surveyors. When answered they sent information to The General Forecast System which had been read by teenagers in the past, and that was why John Misth was beaten in 1926.

Phenomenon of timespace bamboozle. It leads to making timespace knots.

Track is intro-power-main-dygression structure made of sounds designed in FLStudio which are sequenced in Renoise. Acoustic drums are recorded with Sony HDR-CX105 camcorder and Zoom H1. Drums are metal Essential Percussion snare drum with Remo drum heads, 16-inch hi-hat and 20-inch crash. Stepping on carpet for kick drum with tons of FLStudio effects for modelling it into hard kick. Pitch-downed and wave-shaped whistling used for bass. Piano invention played on Modart Pianoteq. Soundscapes and ambience sounds generated in Massive, Reaktor and Absynth. Guitar Rig on sine oscillator for guitar riff. Field recording of ticking alarm clock also drum sticks, finger clicks and hand claps. Binaural recording of tambourine made with Roland CS-10EM binaural earplugs. All sounds are cepstrally liftered (low pass) in smooth shapes of spectral sinewaves and balanced on spectrum.

Timespace Bamboozle (Pitchupped DnB Version)

Sped up version of Timespace Bamboozle. Drum and bass.

Interdimensional Tunnels (Squirrel on Ramp)

Track consists ERA-SMOG structure of 100 sounds designed and smoothed spectrally in shape of cepstral peaks in FLStudio. Many synthesizers: Harmor, Sytrus, Massive, FM8, Absynth, Reaktor, Superwave P8. Acoustic instruments, 14'' metal snare and 20'' ride, are cepstral too. Overall sound design and mastering done in FLStudio and sequencing in Renoise. 64 of 64 patterns unique. Fourth track in collection of superdimensional incidents. This time the story is about the squirrel appearing in area closed behind 3 pairs of door on each side. How did it get there? Extradimensional tunnels or ramp set perpendicularly to our three dimensions along fourth one explain this phenomenon. Quite lot of these affairs here. What's going on? Enjoy your listen.

Interdimensional Tunnels (Breakbeat Version)

+6 semitone, tritone, resampled, 135BPM breakbeat version of my track Interdimensional Tunnels. 96kHz, 32bit. Enjoy responsibly.

Instant Brainscan 24/7

Track with structure of intro-digression-main-power aka ERA-GSM. Spectrally smoothed cepstral sounds. 100+ sounds. Sound design and mastering done in FLStudio. Sequencing handmade in Renoise. Three months in making. Snare and crash recorded from acoustic instruments of snare and crash. Crash stroked with stick, brush and mallet. Step on carpet recorded and processed for kick. Native Instruments Massive, Absynth, FM8 and Image-Line Harmor for synth sounds. Edison saw generator with coca-cola spectrum envelope done with built-in FFT filter. Bulk lot of equalizers. Parabolic compression in Maximus and parabolic shaping in FL Wave Shaper for enhancing and Waves L2 Ultramaximizer on master track for famous brickwall limiting - must have in pop/dance category. Stupid tempo of 127BPM. 50Hz subbas, 64 of 64 patterns unique.

How can one person telepathically get thoughts of another from large distance... ?

Instant Brainscan 24/7.

Instant Brainscan 24/7 (Reggae Version)

Downtempo Reggae version of my track titled 'Instant Brainscan'.

Cepstral Stomp

Cepstrally smoothed acoustic recordings of drum set of my collection - snare and crash. Yep! Techno beat made in FLStudio. Parabolic limiting and shaping. Subbas expander for subbas. 120BPM. 20 parametric equalizers for drums. Back to cepstral solfeggios. Train senses to recognize cepstral sounds.

Extradimensional Slayer

111 sounds generated in FLStudio, sequenced in Renoise, mastered in FLStudio again. Subbas, cepstrum, spectral smoothness and iterative structure.

Extradimensional Slayer
(Happy Hardcore Version)

Faster (+7 semitone resample) version of Extradimensional Slayer. Amsterdam, helium, happy hardcore version.

Everybody Goes Banana

Track sequenced in FLStudio. Dance beat.


Track made of sounds generated in FLStudio and sequenced in Renoise. Line of drum and bass beats.

Invention in C minor

Short invention composed by gradation of intervals arranged for lead, chords and bass. For headphones.

Surplus Dimension
Extradimensional Divergency

Track with sounds made in FLStudio and sequenced in Renoise. Typical 16 part structure of action with iterative segments of introduction, main part, dygression and conclusion. Low tunning, cepstrally smoothed, liftered sounds.