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Spacewarp Miniaturisation

It is great wonder how it is done that there is billions of devices that are made with such a microscopic precision. Amount of elements inside one microprocessor is around of milliards and it is made on nanometre scale. This milliards of elements would take many years to be installed, even by a machine, while they are produced in bulk amounts a day. Impossible. It could be produced one per a long time and even though maintaining that high precision would be unachievable. There is a solution getting out of hyperspace theory, which seem practice not just a theory. Could be one big microprocessor built of a transistors in usual scale and then moved through spacewarp shrink which makes objects inside space smaller together with moving along it. If object got out of the shrink through crack of space into regular sized space, it could have microdimensions in our macroscale. It would save many billiards of iterations and would seem more achievable that constructing millions of nanolittle and multicomplex devices every year. Great quantity of it would just spacecrack copier do.

Key points: GSMORA - main, power, intro, digression - seem like main part doubled and then some double digressions added ant the end, this time however there are links to the root added, so there is a line throughout the track, even though it stucks in the digressions terribly it returns to the main course; more than any CPU and RAM can handle, if it hurts you, then freeze tracks is your friend - you may built even full 60min album in one FL project making it of rendered clips, so it is: 13 tracks, 170 sounds, 18:47 min - if it was too long I would made it shorter, hehehe; 109 BPM, 2048 beats, swing, 120dB snare, 64 of 64 patterns unique, as usual cepstral peaks of sound spectrally smothed with FL Parametric Equalizer - rocks!, 96kHz, 32bit - even if SoundCloud playback is 128kbps MP3 you may download full flavour wave here, sequence written in Renoise all sound design and mastering done in FLStudio.

Instruments: Harmor, Sytrus, Absynth, Massive, FM8, Spicy Guitar, Tone2 Firebird, Jungle Warfare CD, Quik Quak Pitchwheel, Modartt Pianoteq, Essential Percussion snare drum with generic heads, 16" and 20" Paiste PST 3 hats, Stagg bongo, Meinl shakers, Tiger maracas, triangle and tambourine, AAS String Studio VS-2, Toxic Biohazard, FL Hardcore, FL Wave Shaper, FL Parametric Equalizer, Edison, Waves L-2 and Trueverb, Voxengo SPAN, Celebrations candy box, Frugo lemonade bottle lid, Logitech mouse click, Robert Dyas pots, Pringles tube, police siren operated by Ltn. Dan Knights of Metropolitan Police appears courtesy of London Police Department, soccer yobs appears spontainously, morse code generated by online morse code generator -, Zoom H1.

Spacewarp Miniaturisation

140BPM Breakbeat Version
Pitchshifted version of Spacewarp Miniaturisation. Better, stronger, faster.

Spacecrack Copier

Spacecrack copier is crack of space that causes that object duplicates when gets through it. It is made by infinitesimally small divisions of space along one dimension.

Story abut guy that got through spacecrack copier and become two of him. One went to Denver and another one went to Ohio. There the another one murdered a gambler. The first one was partying in Denver.

In the court the murderer was supported by witnesses. They stated that while the crime was done, he was having fun with them in Denver.

Court sentenced him anyway and to prison went his twin, because before court he copied himself once again and his copy were gone to there instead of him.

I am against this, so to contest it, I will be running my mower for 15mins. If you press play obviously.

Instruments: Essential Percussion snare with brand heads, Paiste 16" hihat, Paiste 20" ride, Stagg BW-200-BK bongo, Meinl egg shakers, MagiDeal shaker, Tiger maracas, Tiger tambourine, Tiger triangle, Balinese chimes, Zoom H1 recorder, Roland CS-10EM, binaural microphones, Harmor, Sytrus, Modartt Pianoteq, Native Instruments FM8, Native Instruments Absynth 5, Native Instruments Massive, Native Instruments Reaktor 5, Izotope Ozone, Tanga Dual, AAS Player with following sounbanks: Cinematix by Christian Laffitte, Frontier by Daniel Stawczyk, KitNetix by Martin Walker and Swatches, FL Wave Shaper, FL Parametric Equalizer, FL Convolver, Hardcore, Maximus, Edison, Voxengo SPAN, Melda Frequency Shifter, Quick Quack Pitchwheel, Waves True Verb, Waves L2.

key points: points: GASMOR (main-digression-power-introduction), 100+ sounds, 120dB snare, 64 of 64 patterns unique, cepstral peaks of sound spectrally smoothed with parametric equalizer, 152 BPM, 2048 beats, sequenced in Renoise, sound design and mastering in FLStudio, 15m - short 15min is still better than 3 long ones :)

Spacecrack Copier

176BPM F. FWD Version
Fast forward, pitch shifted, resampled, uptempo 176BPM version of my track Spacecrack Copier.

Extradimensional Voyeurism

This is ninth episode of my extradimensional saga about Steven Hawking's drift around hyper dimensions.

"He's watching your heart and know what you want" - Apollo 440

This time it is about dudes, whose's position along fourth axis of dimension and hyperperiscope made supervisors of us. As far as cultures go, there were always some kind of eyes that watch us: The God, Watchtower, Swiatowid, Big Brother. We were told to believe that they are some superintelligent beings, while frankly they are not any wiser than our pals from schoolbench - extradimensional voyeurists.

Let's be constructive about it: "Hey hidden pal! How about buying yourself a plasma TV and giving us go?"

instruments: Essential Percussion snare with brand heads, Paiste 16" and 20" hats, Meinl shakers, Tiger half moon tambourine, Stagg BW 200 BK bongo, Absynth 5, FM8, Massive, Reaktor 5, Anima 1.3, Little Big Bass, Tone 2 Firebird, Algo Music String Synthesizer v1.1, Frontier VS-2 String Studio soundbank by Daniel Stawczyk, AAS String Studio VS-2, AMVST Claplab, Moppeltron, FL Parametric Equalizer, Wave Shaper, IL Wasp, IL Poizone, Waves L1, True Verb, Melda Frequency Shifter, Zoom H1

key points: 100+ sounds, 120dB snare - thunder in a spoon of water - beat that!, 64 of 64 patterns unique, raptials - cepstral partial peaks of sound spectrally smoothed with parametric equalizer, main-digression-intro-power, 135BPM, 2048 beats, 15:15:015, sequencing in Renoise, sound design and mastering in FLStudio.

Extradimensional Voyeurism

Yellow Version
Pitchupped version of my FLStudio track "Extradimensional Voyeurism". Enjoy responsibly.

Inductive Thought Pushing

Track about samplers of magnetic field of thought used for recording spatial induction image around the brain. Inverted function may push thought into mind by projecting magnetic field around the head. Weird control machinery of hyperspace. Where irrelevant thoughts are coming from.

Track software and equipment: Premier, Progressor, Pathfinder and Processor - my Renoise tool scripts for melodists, Modartt Pianoteq, Absynth, Massive, Chromaphone, Izotope Ozone, Drumaxx, FL Convolver, FL Waveshaper, FL Parametric Equalizer (bulk lots), Morphine, FL Hardcore, stepping on carpet with crazy many FLStudio effects for making kick, Rectal Anarchy Buzz Generator Engine, Melda Transient Shaper and Frequency Shifter, Essential Percussion snare with Remo heads, Paiste hats, no dogs were kicked, snare smashed at full force, remember: "the more you hit, more it neat", line up structure - line enthusiasts will be disappointed, main-intro-power-digression (gorsma), sequenced in Renoise, 64 of 64 patterns unique, sound design and mastering in FLStudio (32bit 96kHz), thanks to Fokkie ( for impulse responses used for bass wobble.

Inductive Thought Pushing

Cream Breakbeat Version
Uptempo version of my track Inductive Thought Pushing. 118BPM, Edison and FLStudio.

Extradimensional Device Control

Story about hyperspace controlling devices in our point of hyper dimension. Devices switching off in most important moment, switching on unnecessarily, missing files, blocks, failures. Am I too stupid to use these devices? No. Was it designed to malfunction like this? No. These are extradimensional dumbasses.
Instruments: Harmor, 3xosc, lots of FL Studio Parametric Equalizers, Absynth, Massive, FM8, Melda Multiband Transient, Melda Freq Shifter, Essential Percussion snare with Remo heads, Paiste 16" hihat and 20" ride, maracas, Meinl shakers, Zoom H1, Roland CS-10EM, Voxengo SPAN, Waves True Verb, Waves L1, Modartt Pianoteq, M-theory. 64 of 64 unique patterns. Sequenced in Renoise, sound design, cepstrum and mastering in FLStudio.

Extradimensional Device Control

Mushrooms Jar 169BPM Drum and Bass Version
For mushrooms fans, for yellow, for those who prioritize happiness high, for childish, for impatient, for those that feel that the original version is to long, dull, low, slow or moody, for those that feel that snare is to heavy, for those that can't stand to the end...

Here goes, specially for you...

Extradimensional Device Control Mushrooms Jar 169BPM Drum and Bass Version.

Have fun!

Invention in C minor

Short invention composed by gradation of intervals arranged for lead, chords and bass. For headphones.